We are a corporate and commercial law firm using a combination of technology and a network of legal experts to deliver solutions.

We work with entrepreneurs, start-ups, small to mid-corporates, unlisted public companies and individuals to achieve exceptional outcomes.

Intellectual Property, Patents, Contracts & Corporate Law


We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to deal making and approach every new deal with an open mind.
Intellectual Property, Patents, Contracts & Corporate Law - Ascenta


Our advisors are here to help with the day-to-day legalities of running your business.
Dispute Resolution - Investigation, Negotiation, & Strategy - Ascenta


The only good thing to come out of a dispute is a resolution. And we know exactly how to achieve one.
Regulatory Compliance, Trade Regulations & Consumer Law - Ascenta


We keep track of the ever-evolving nature of regulatory frameworks so you don’t have to.
Mergers and Acquisitions Lawyers Australia


We chose to partner with Legalsifter because client objectives never change. You want advice, delivered quickly, consistently and cost-effectively. Legalsifter helps us deliver those outcomes through a suite of contract types that can be reviewed using AI.

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Ascenta’s team works in close association with entrepreneurs, board members, and other stakeholders at major financial and educational companies throughout Australia. Contact us to find out more.